Official Launching of Ze’Venir

Our skin is the first part of us to interact with the environment. In today’s world laden with harmful chemicals, a safe solution is very much needed to care for this delicate organ.

Realising this, Amipro began to explore the possibilities of a skincare line that utilises the natural goodness of botanical ingredients coupled with sound scientific research. And, with that Ze’Venir is born!


Ze’Venir’s foray into the skincare market was celebrated with an Official Launching Ceremony on 13 February 2020 at the MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. It was graced by Ze’Venir’s Brand Ambassador, Malaysian singer and actress, Siti Nordiana, who was chosen as she shares the brand’s values of “Care, Togetherness, Innovation, Commitment, Dependability and Responsibility”. Also present was AMIPRO Sdn. Bhd.’s Managing Director Dr. Asaraf Ali Mohamed Kassim.


To nurture our skin, Ze’Venir, a Malaysian-based skincare line, began exploring the treasures Mother Nature has to offer. Coupled with its parent company, Amipro’s sound research and development, Ze’Venir strives to deliver solutions that are Halal, safe and effective for all skin types.


Headquartered in Malaysia, AMIPRO Sdn Bhd is an emerging international healthcare organisation with great emphasis on reseach, technology and quality. Blending the advances of medical science with ingredients extracted from nature, Amipro is committed to provide genuine, safe and healthy innovations. Backed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), the company created Ze’Venir, a spin-off personal care line boasting all-natural ingredients that are safe and effective to nurture our mind, body and soul.


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