It’s the season of waving red-white stripes, crescent moons, and 14-point stars. Merdeka graces each August with a patriotic nation, painting a glorious picture with familiar colours every Malaysian citizen gets to witness on the 31st.

With Jalur Gemilang and other patriotic songs playing, sales are being promoted from left to right in celebration of Merdeka. Deals and discounts can never be complained about. However, it is also important to remember the people and events that allowed for such a festive event to take place every year.


It has been 63 years since Tunku Abdul Rahman proudly exclaimed Merdeka seven times at Stadium Merdeka. Since then, many, especially the younger generations seem to have forgotten the essence of Malaysia’s identity and what it was built upon.
Ze’Venir realises the need to reigniting the same overwhelming feeling of pride and joy back then in the society today. Hence, we decided to introduce a Merdeka Giveaway, where the concept of celebrating youth is tied in with the festivity of Merdeka.


The prize for this giveaway will be the featured products of the month – Fairness Face Pack and Ever Young Face Pack. Besides that. Winners will also win an exclusive photo card personally signed by Ze’Venir ambassador Siti Nordiana herself! Winners will of course be announced on Merdeka Day by Nana as well.

The rules of participation are simple:

  1. Post a photo(s) or video showing us your method or experience using ANY Ze’Venir product that you own.
  2. Tag @zevenirmy in your post and use the hashtag #zevenirmy and #CelebrationOfYouth.
  3. Tag a friend under the giveaway announcement post on Facebook or Instagram and invite them to join.

What are you waiting for? Submit your post today and stand a chance to win our fantastic Merdeka Giveaway!

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