In a world like ours, human lives and our characters are often defined by the number of years we’ve lived. If you are a 16 -year-old girl, they will say you are immature and lucky to be young. If you are a 60-year-old woman, they expect you to be wise and calm, or old and stiff.

August is a special month for Malaysians, as it commemorates that one fateful day of finally achieving independence as a nation. The year 1957 became the start of a sturdy foundation for generations of Malaysians to build their lives upon.

Particularly during moments of patriotism, the youth have always been thought as pillars of hope for the future. Despite all this, the youth are not the only people who can contribute significant values to society. Therefore, we shouldn’t let anyone trap us within the curves and confines of a number.

Age is just a number. Youth is a state of mind.

No matter how old you are, there is a youth within you that is worth celebrating. And, with proper aid and skincare, such youth can shine through from the inside and show on your face.

Ze’Venir coincides this festive month with the new launch of our Fairness Face Pack and Ever Young Face Pack under the theme: Celebration of Youth.


Ze’Venir face packs provides deep cleansing for the skin, leaving it soft, supple, and bright after rinsing. It’s anti-ageing and brightening properties also protect skin cells from free radical damage, delay wrinkle and age spot formation, leaving you feeling immensely rejuvenated. Made with Halal and plant-based ingredients such as citron, green tea, hisbiscus, and winter cherry root extract; this face pack collection is nothing short of natural goodness for all skin types.

Give your skin the love and care and it deserves. Then gaze at your reflection and watch that radiant youth shine through. Don’t let age stop you from living excitingly, cheers to looking and feeling forever young!

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