The Red Lip look has been one long worn by powerful women in history. Timeless female icons such as the powerful Cleopatra had red stones crushed to create her very own Shade of Red.

From the very beginning of womankind, red lips have served as more than a simple makeup look, but have always acted as a war paint of confidence and empowerment.


The well-known French phrase means “Seeing life through rose-coloured glasses” or essentially “Life in pink,” where every day is positive.

Being able to live life in such colour is a pleasure, but being able to live in Shades of Red is glamour.

Available in Flamingo, Punch, Pratt & Apple Lambert, and Coral; Ze’Venir’s Blazing Lipstick offers four divine Shades of Red formulated to give a modern yet classic look.

Made cruelty-free and vegan friendly with natural and wholesome ingredients such as Candelila Wax, Pumpkin Seed Extract, and Indian Pennywort Extract; this 4 gram tube of rich red nourishes, moisturizes and smoothes your lips. The urge to take a selfie will be stronger than ever when you’re looking gorgeous and feeling self-assured.

From left to right / top to bottom: Flamingo, Punch, Pratt & Lambert Apple, Coral

Not everyone dares to put on such bold shades of red because it’s almost as if it commands attention, and that is often seen negatively as many of us have been told that we have to be humble and modest. However, we can still do so while looking extraordinary.

The goal is not to appease others, but self-empowerment. And confidence like that naturally turns heads.

You are the only you in this world, and that alone is enough for people to pay attention to you. So put on that lipstick, own that Shade of Red and show them that brilliant, stunning, you.

Find your Shade of Red with Ze’Venir.  You’ve earned it, you deserve to be admired!


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